Concerts 2013




Concerts 2013

Who's on tour 2013 and when will you be able to see them? Here you'll find all information of the biggest country and rock shows, events, tours and music concerts 2013.

Concerts 2013 Dates of the hottest concerts in 2013 Concerts 2013

Concerts 2013 | biggest tours

This is the top 20 artists and bands when you count the total attendance at all concerts 2013*. Bon Jovi, Rihanna and Pink is in the top three spots. Bon Jovis total gross income in USD million is reported to be 205. Nine artists and bands made over USD 100 million - the one missing here is the Rolling Stones (126), but they did not reach the top 20 list, counting in people.

biggest tours and concerts 2013, top 20 list

* according to (from mid November 2012 till mid November 2013.

Use the menu to find out where or when your favorite artist or band is on tour. The concert year 2013 is ongoing and Bruce Springsteen among others is still rocking, with three sold out arenas just in Stockholm in may. Here you will find links to tour plans for the most popular artists and band 2013:
Rock Concerts, Country Concerts and Pop Concerts.

Time to buy tickets for the summer concerts 2013

Where should you go to find the best music this summer? Here are some tips for you.

LA in July

In Los Angeles you can enjoy Beyonce, New Kids On The Block, Bruno Mars & Ellie Goulding and Amy Grant & American Idol Live in Los Angeles July 17th. Above that you can see Josh Groban, Los Angeles Philharmonic and Fleetwood Mac.

New York in July
Watch Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Jennifer Lopez, Cyndi Lauper, Sinead O'Connor
Alice Cooper and Aerosmith.

Seattle in July
Listen to Paul McCartney, Bruno Mars & Ellie Golding, Courtney Love, LeAnn Rimes and the Gipsy Kings.

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